Commander "Maka" Floof is currently a part of the Gables and Co. crew as a regular, and in a relationship with GablesMcgee. She originally started as a chat regular, visiting the chats during each stream, but once Gables accidentally spilled the beans that he had a crush on her, it turns out she liked him back! (Awww..)

The Beginnings:

Not many people remember when Floof first time they joined the stream. Before joining the stream as a member of the Co, Floof attended many of the original Gables and Co. chats and was very active there. She went under the username of Commander Floof on the Picarto.TV website. She still uses the chat to talk to people in later streams.


Floof is a avid fan of Pokemon GO, while it was still a thing, and had made note of her many adventures in the real world at conventions, and on the street while playing the application. Space Jam, is also her favorite animated film of all time, starring the legendary Bug Bunny and the Oscar-nominated role of Micheal Jordan as, Micheal Jordan. She also has been a fan of Gorillaz since she was younger and has been following them for many years.


However, Floof has expressed clearly of her hatred to the family comedy series of Full House (including the spin-off series, Fuller House (2016), the Netflix original series). Among those other hated things are Bad Rats, a video game that's has made a sequel to the original flop of a game. During a night spent watching direct-to-dvd CGI films over, she expressed a disliking towards Ratatoing, and many other films of it's kind. Among the non direct-to-dvd films, is the Minions film, which she obtained by watching a leak before its official release.

Unprofessionals: (2014/15- )

Floof currently works with Gables on his personal project of Unprofessionals, a animated series to arrive sometime hopefully in 2017 or 2018.

Future Plans (2017- )

Floof and Gables plan to start a review series called "Couch Potatoes", where they watch and review Japanese animated television series, and upload them to a designated Youtube channel. Floof is also working on her own comic which hopefully will be seen by the public very soon! Unprofessionals is also still in the works, which should be arriving later on this year. Gables and Floof plan to meet each other one day as well, and I hope they do too. :>