These are various jokes that reoccur throughout the stream:

The Seinfeld Theme Edit

Gables occasionally plays the theme from the hit 90's sitcom Seinfeld. It was hit joke in the early streams, and now he just won't stop.

The Bee Stream Edit

The Bee Stream was in the first 10 or so streams that Gables had. All the streamers did that night was talk about cinematic masterpiece The Bee Movie. The night culminated in several pieces of fanart of Gables wearing Jerry Seinfeld's bee suit from the original movie trailer. As well as some of him as a piece of toast. I don't remember why...

  • This was Floof's first time in the chat, and without The Bee Movie, Gables and Floof may not bee dating.

DIY Videos Edit

Katrina sent a DIY video about edible underwear in the streamer Skype chat, so Gables played it on stream and slowed it down. Creating a hilarious nightmare of an experience. Trina says this was the absolute worst stream, despite thinking it was funny.